General Litigation

On a number of occasions, individuals and companies are faced with a dispute that they cannot sufficiently resolve. Individuals and corporations struggle with whether they should start a law suit or what to do when a law suit has been filed against them. The Padova Firm strives to assist its clients in first to avoid litigation and attempt to fairly resolve the dispute before it gets to the Courthouse. If a law suit is started and the dispute winds up in litigation, it is our goal to assist the client in resolving the dispute in the most expeditious and cost effective way. We will customize a strategy tailored to the client’s goals, both long and short term and work side by side with the client through the process. We aggressively advocate for our clients in both the State and Federal Courts. Members of The Padova Firm have handled all types of disputes, representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in contract matters, dissolution of Partnerships, companies and/or businesses and all other types of general litigation matters.

If you, your family or a loved one feel they need legal counsel in resolving a dispute, starting a law suit or representing you if a law suit is brought against you, please call The Padova Firm for a free consultation.

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