Injuries to Children

Children are injured in playgrounds, daycare centers, swimming pools and schools. They are also injured as a result of medical error, dog bites and a hazardous condition of a property. Often times, these injuries to children can be quite severe. Many of these injuries could have been avoided if the appropriate supervision and/or safety measures were used. The members of The Padova Firm have handled a number of injuries to children and have been successful in generating six and seven figure recoveries. We understand the emotional, physical and financial losses that come from injuries to children. The Padova Firm also counsels the parents and guardians of an injured child in structuring a financial settlement which would benefit the child over the years as the child grows and matures.

If any of your children have been injured due to sometime of negligence, please call The Padova Firm for a free consultation. If we handle your case, there is no fee until a recovery is made for you.

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