Spinal Cord / Brain Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord and brain can be catastrophic, devastating and debilitating. Serious brain and spinal cord injuries can cause brain damage, paralysis and not only effects the injured person, but a person’s family and loved ones. Members of The Padova Firm have been successful in handling serious spinal cord and brain injuries. We take the time and effort to compassionately listen to our clients with serious spinal cord and brain injuries and assist in directing them to the appropriate specialists and counseling them on the various treatment options which accompany a serious spinal cord and brain injury. Members of The Padova Firm have handled these types of injury cases which include paralysis, brain damage and death and have made multimillion dollar recoveries for these types of cases.

If you, your family or a loved one has a serious spinal cord or brain injury, please call The Padova Firm for a free consultation. Generally, in these types of cases, there is no fee until a recovery is made for you.

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