Workers Compensation

Each year, numerous injuries occur to everyday employees who are performing their regular job duties. As a result of these injuries, the employee is unable to work or limited in performing his or her full job duties. Under the Worker’s Compensation Law, injured workers must be provided medical benefits to pay for their medical treatment for the work related injury. Injured workers are also entitled to income benefits if they are unable to work and benefits for the specific loss to a particular body part. The Padova Firm has protected many injured workers in fighting for the employer or Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company to provide benefits to the injured worker when the injured worker is unable to perform his or her job duties. The Padova Firm has also been successful in negotiating and generating a lump sum settlement when the injured worker is already receiving Worker’s Compensation benefits.

If you, your family or a loved one have been injured while working, please call The Padova Firm for a free consultation. If we handle your case, there is no fee until a recovery is made for you.

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